Papa's Secret Voodoo Boot


Things you should know:

This is a 'private' journal insofar as my real name and location are not matters of public record here. I am not so naive as to think anything on the interwebs is actually "private," but I try not to make it too easy for people to attach my name and location to this journal with any real certainty. So if you are able to do so because you know me from elsewhere, please don't do so in an unlocked post.

Most of my posts these days are friends-only. This is not because I'm super-secretive (I'm not; I tend towards TMI probably), but because I just like to know who is reading my entries, and in some cases I need to know, because life is just too short for certain kinds of drama. So feel free to friend and if you leave a note I'll probably friend you back once I am sure you aren't one of my students or one of my creepy old uncles from Arkansas or something.

This journal is rated Adult for ranting, foul language, setting a bad example, sexual content, drug references, mediocre poetry, stupid memes, resistance to Christian morals, and things your mother always warned you about.

Actually, it's not that interesting. But a girl can dream.

Also, don't you dare plagiarize my fiction or anything else I might post. I will slap some shit on you that all the banishings, exorcisms, limpias, and Ajax in the world won't take off. I mean it. Copyrighted, mine, stay away, etc etc.

Because some people have stumbled upon this journal and taken the title to mean that I give voodoo lessons or something, I will explain the title: it's a in-joke fully comprehensible only to those who have read Grant Morrison's series "The Invisibles." It's a subcultural literary reference, not an advertisement for a spellslinger-for-hire.

"office hours voice", affective piety, angelic bodies, anglo saxon, anglo saxon penitentials, augustine of hippo, bataille, baudelaire, baudrillard, bede, beowulf, bishop mojo, black cat bones, bluegrass, broadswords, chaucer, chi, chretien de troyes, curanderismo, doc watson, dr. tony hill, drunken knitting, dylan thomas, eating dead languages 4breakfast, eileen ivers, eotenas, erzulie, flogging molly, folk ballads, folk magic, folk songs, folklore, foot track magic, foucault, fragments, gaelic miasmas, gender studies, genderglam, gift exchange theory, gnostic vodoun, gnosticism, goofer dust, grendel's arm, guinness, hafiz, hapax legomena, harry middleton hyatt, henry lee, hoodoo, invoking the invisible posse, irish fiddle music, kickboxing, kung fu, legba, les mysteres, limpia, live things in you, lo scarabeo decks, loa, loteria cards, lwa, magick, malory, marie de france, martial arts, mearcstapa, medieval lit, michael bertiaux, middle english, milton, mining the gay, mojo, monsters, montevallo, mt. arabia, mystery pill?, old english, orr park, outsourcing the smackdown, particularlie elaborate synnes, points chauds, pretty-boys licking each other, relics, religious masochism, richard crashaw, rootwork, rumi, sacred eroticism, sacred heart, sanshou, santisima muerte, sappho, scorpio stelliums, six_degrees of jurgen_habermas, slash fic, snape, spike, st. catherine of siena, st. expedite, st. sebastian, st. teresa of avila, subtext, sufis, swinburne, swords, symbolic exchange, tai chi, talking dirty in old-english, technologies of the sacred, technologies of the self, the kin of cain, the ninth doctor, the pogues, the tiny shriner, the venerable bede, untydras, vodoun, voodoo, wheel of foucault, william butler yeats, wolverine