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eta: How to Subscribe to ANSAX-L (ansaxnet)

ETA: Wow, apparently you need a secret decoder ring to properly subscribe to ANSAX-L; I am not the only one with problems.

Anyway, thanks to the internet sleuthing skills of inkmark, here are the steps to subscribe, or re-subscribe if, like me, you get intermittently booted and Google hasn't been much help:

Send an email to this address: LISTSERV@LISTSERV.WVU.EDU

Leave the subject line blank.

In the body, type:

 sub ansax-l yourfirstname yourlastname

Obviously you substitute your real first name and real last name for my placeholders above.  You should get an email from the West Virginia University server rather quickly, asking you to confirm your request.  You simply click a link to do so.  If you haven't gotten it in a day, check your spam filter; it'll expire within 48 hours. 

Whew. That was more work than I gave to translating the Dream of the Rood last Friday. Which actually says more about my Friday than it should, ahem...


I'm apparently too stupid to work a listserv.  I got booted off ANSAX-L over the summer for some random email hiccup or another, and then my spam folder ate my resub confirmation, and now I can't get resubbed to that list to save my life.  I sent sub commands to


which is info I got via google, but no dice.
Two failures.

wtf? Can anybody reading this point me to the correct procedure for resubbing to ANSAX-L? Or did the list finally implode due to wild theories involving black-hatted gnomes, hidden numerology codes in Beowulf and the Franks Casket, or Marijane Osborne finally issuing the Big Smackdown to some random troll or another (the internet kind of troll, not the Beowulf and Grendel kind of troll)? I seem to recall something changing sometime over the past year or so regarding who's-in-charge stuff, but I can't find that message anywhere.

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Tags: anglo saxon, ansax-l, monkeys with can openers

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