Navit (k_navit) wrote,

fun with kids, sleep deprivation, and the medieval cult of relics

Written in the hand of an eleven year old, under an illustration in Carolyn Walker Bynum's Resurrection of the Body from the 12th century Hortus deliciarum:

The morali humans are extra delicious. [1]

(The above image is not the one with the marginalia, but I couldn't find it online. It shows some animals returning the limbs of people they'd devoured at the Last Judgment, so that the bodies of the dead could be made whole at their resurrection).

Under a photo of an arm reliquary like the one pictured below, in the same hand: "I thought the arm was supposed to be in the souffle."

[1] I have been unable to recover the significance of marginalia's "morali."
Tags: relics, research, teh_blondie
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